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I'm Frankenstein Wilde, but you can call me Frankie! This blog is mostly dedicated to the creepy crawly monsters that go bump in the night, gore, some fashion, and a lot of really sick porn. Needless to say this blog is extremely NSFW!
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My shitty face ...
Sister sister talking 'bout a two way twister ... Instagross ...
Wanna see me naked?

Raaaah! I’m the meanest little demon! I actually want to start doing some pet play of some sort as a demon or monster. I like the idea of pet play, but it’s too subservient. A demon would have to be forced to cower to a master or mistress.

Ahhhh the second line in the Leviathan Cross is covered up by my snarl and you can’t see my horns really but oh well -.- I’m really digging the placement of that lately though, and if I end up deciding to get my face tattooed (big dedication so I’m waiting awhile) I’m definitely placing that there.

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